Become our advertiser!

Increase the efficiency of multiplying your profits with our affiliate network. Access to selected publishers and the lack of unnecessary formalities will help you in this. Cooperation with our advertisers takes place on highly individualized terms.


Who is the advertiser?

The advertiser may be an individual or a company whose main goal is to gain greater reach and increase the level of product sales. Most often, he achieves it by establishing cooperation with publishers, without whom he could not reach selected groups of recipients. This is an excellent form of saving time, money and energy for the advertiser, as long as they receive high-quality traffic to their website.

How do advertisers work with publishers?

The basic condition for being an advertiser is having a transaction site. Publishers' recipients will be able to reach it thanks to the generated affiliate links. The advertiser has the right to define the method of promoting the product and settlements with the publisher. He may also have contact with multiple publishers who contact their audience through various media. The key to success is finding a proven and dedicated group of publishers that will effectively promote a product, service or brand. He will undoubtedly find one with us! Don't hesitate. Contact us today, and we will answer all your questions.

3 steps to being an advertiser on Adtogame

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    Registering to our affiliate network takes just a few minutes. You can do this by filling out the form on our homepage

  • 2


    At this stage our team will help you develop a promotion strategy. We will help you choose the right publishers and the method of settling accounts with them. .

  • 3


    Tracking your results is an integral part of affiliate marketing. It allows you to optimize activities and constantly increase revenues. .

What can you count on?

10 things an affiliate network gives you

Access to a wide audience

Contact with many publishers allows you to reach various groups of recipients. Remember that it is not only the quantity that counts, but also the type and activity of the recipients obtained.

Assistance in developing a strategy

The advertiser receives support in creating a promotion strategy based on a thorough industry analysis and team experience.

Professional management

The affiliate team watches over the proper course of the affiliate program, taking into account all formalities. The affiliate network provides tools, carries out reports, takes care of payments and monitors activities.

Effective use of the advertising budget

Publishers receive a commission fee for advertising. This means that there is no way to lose money without making a profit.

Products promoted by approved publishers only

Publisher communications should be closely related to the type of product being promoted. The publishers assigned to the campaign use different media and have reach, confirming their effectiveness.

System for tracking traffic and sales generated by publishers

The tools offered enable continuous optimization of activities.

Building brand recognition

Remember that promotion by publishers is associated not only with increasing sales, but also building brand recognition.

Collaboration with industry infuencers

Working with influencers is one of the most effective forms of promotion in gaming.

High security and trust

With the help of an affiliate network, product promotion will become easier and less risky than ever.

Access to the knowledge base and guides

The affiliate network comprehensively implements people who have just started their adventure with affiliate marketing. Clearly designed educational sources will allow you to avoid many mistakes and speed up the learning process even several times.

FAQ - frequently asked questions

The advertiser should have a website that allows transactions. We will take care of the rest!
In our affiliate network, the advertiser can count on high-quality conversion, advertiser diversity, continuous optimization of activities and the highest quality customer service.
KPI (Key Performance Indicators) stands for the key performance indicators of a campaign. These may include the number of clicks on the affiliate link or the time spent on various activities.
The advertiser is responsible for providing a good-quality product and an attractive payout for the publisher.
Of course. We offer personally developed educational sources in this area and ongoing support in solving any problems.
Yes. It is worth getting to know the individual models of media purchase and know what their advantages and disadvantages are.
It is worth getting to know the opinions of the current partners of a given network and check how the competition does it.
Support at every stage of cooperation. The affiliate network helps to create a promotional campaign, takes care of payments for publishers, monitors and optimizes activities and much more.
Match the right ad format to the game and the type of text, precisely define KPIs and reach your audience through various media.
Remember that when promoting a product, authenticity matters most. Once credibility is lost, it may not be regained.
On the main page in the upper right corner you will find a tab containing the form. It contains all the necessary fields to be completed.