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If you are just starting your adventure with publishing, you have come to the right place. Step by step will show you how to do it properly. You will regret only starting now. Do you have audience? Perhaps you are not yet aware of the treasure you possess. Welcome on board!

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What is the role of the publisher?

Since you can remember computer games are your passion? Do you love sharing news from the gaming industry with others? Are you consciously building your community? If you also start earning money, you will become a professional publisher. It is very easy! The publisher supports the advertiser's sales and builds his brand awarness by placing affiliate links on their website, blog or social media. In return, he receives a sales commission. However - being natural is the key! We are a team of passionate enthusiasts who will be happy to show you effective ways to earn money by communicating with your recipients.

Affiliate publisher in Adtogame in 5 steps

  • 1

    Create an account

    It won't take you more than a few minutes. Click "Register" and access the intuitive user panel. We wanted it to be as simple as possible. At the beginning of the cooperation, we will provide you all the information you need. Don't worry if affiliate marketing is new to you. We will explain everything to you from scratch. Remember that we are always happy to answer all your questions.

  • 2

    Recognize your audience

    The most important principle in all areas of marketing. All success depends on knowledge about your community. Wonder why they decided to be a part of your audience. Do it by observing and actively asking questions. What are they looking for?

  • 3

    Choose an affiliate program

    When you choose an affiliate program, consider the needs and interests of your recipients. Think about what they are most likely to invest their time and money in. The right program can have a crucial impact on the amount of earned funds. If you have doubts in this regard, we will be happy to help you.

  • 4

    Put affiliate links in your content

    Do you already know what your audience will find interesting from among the programs we offer? Include links in any form of your message. You can do this on a YouTube channel, author's blog, Twitter or website. Try to do this

  • 5

    Optimize campaign results

    Achieving high results and earnings will become much easier and intuitive for you over time. Analyze your results and draw conclusions. The beginning of a publisher's career lies in testing various programs and ways of promoting them.

Why is it worth it?

The benefits for publisher in Adtogame

Best gaming offers

Reach your audience with maximum efficiency! Our wide range of recipients will allow you to gain and increase the number of players in your game. Choosing the best channels to attract gamers is a key to succeed with media buying for your product.

High payouts

Payouts rates customized to your expectations. Safe method to make money from adverts. We offer a highly customizable way to make money and to establish a stable source of income from ads. Customized payouts terms in convenient cycles.

Remote Work

Working from home has many benefits. I am associated with saving time and energy during the day. You can earn money without exposing yourself to the weather or traffic jams.

0 costs

Remember that you don't risk anything when you start your publisher's adventure. You can feel completely safe. There are no hidden costs with us.

Media Buying Model

The right choice of media buying model for the affiliate program can have a significant impact on the quantity of your revenues. We can offer you some of the most common settlement models in gaming affiliate marketing. The right choice will come with trial and error method. Anyway, we are here to support you!
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Crucial tips for beginners

Taking your first steps is never easy, but almost always exciting. Either way, following the tips below will surely ease and speed up the process of becoming a professional publisher.
  • 1

    Choose the right affiliate program

    Remember that the affiliate program should be closely related to your niche. People to whom you recommend the selected product should potentially be interested in it.

  • 2

    Develop a communication strategy with your audience

    The type of strategy will depend on whether you want to build your audience from the beginning, use the current groups of your niche or you already have your group of recipients. The method of communication with the audience must be natural, adjusted to the characteristics of the recipient.

  • 3

    Don't promote multiple programs at once

    This is especially important at the beginning of your cooperation with an affiliate network. Authentic promotion of a program requires a thorough knowledge of it. Too much emphasis on advertising and promotion in communication also weakens your credibility.

  • 4

    Follow the example of the competition

    It's always worth learning from the best at the beginning of your adventure. Your mentor can be both the affiliate network and potential competition. See how colleagues in your industry communicate with their recipients.

  • 5

    Take your time

    Taking your first steps in affiliate marketing can be something new for many publishers. Give yourself a chance to recognize the laws that govern the proper promotion of products on the Internet. You won't even notice when you start to act fully intuitively and your profits will grow exponentially.

  • 6

    Don't focus on sales

    The best results are achieved by publishers who naturally share their passion. Remember that the publisher's activity is a long-distance adventure. Constant and committed communication with your audience is the key to increasing your results.

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FAQ - frequently asked questions

To start a publisher's business, you need to join a proven affiliate network, select an appropriate affiliate program and generate an affiliate link. After it, you should recommend an advertiser's product to your audience. You will be supported by educational materials and tools prepared by us.
The method of calculating the payout for the publisher depends on the selected media purchase model. This may be the number of clicks on affiliate links created by the publisher, the number of installations of promoted programs, and much more. Each advertiser determines the amount of commission for individual actions.
A publisher may act on behalf of their advertiser using media such as website, blog, social media, coupon sites, review sites, or email marketing. It can also use several platforms at the same time.
Obtaining some basic information will certainly help, but you can work effectively as a publisher primarily through your own experience. This is due to highly diverse target groups. Remember that you can find a lot of knowledge on our site and internet forums.
The basic mistakes made by publishers include focusing too much on sales and results, promoting too many affiliate programs at the same time, poorly chosen communication with recipients and insufficient engaging content
The settlement is at the end of the billing month. For example, we will settle accounts for the promotional activities you performed in September at the end of October.
There is a special link generator on our platform that works fully intuitively. You will receive the link as soon as you join the advertiser campaign of your choice. Its is very easy.
A deeplink is a link that links to a specific advertiser subpage. This type of link generates a better conversion.
When registering in the Adtogame network, you will be asked for the address of the website, blog or profile from which you will promote the advertiser's product. Its verification can be confirmed using the HTML code.
Before choosing the best affiliate network in the gaming industry and more, it's worth reading online reviews and checking competitor networks.
On the main page in the upper right corner you will find a tab containing the form. It contains all the necessary fields to be completed.