Gaming influencer marketing

Let our best influencers tell about you their audience. We will be happy to plan an internet marketing strategy for you that will realistically increase your profits. For this purpose, we will use the names of popular people and liked critics from the gaming world. We will carefully select your product to the method of communication and the influencer's reach. There are as many as 1000 contractors in our database. We have plenty to choose from!

What we do

What can gamefluence give you?

Personalized offer

We will prepare a branding campaign for you based on the industry analysis and goals you want to achieve. We will match an influencer whose type of communication will naturally relate to the specificity of the product.

Worldwide reach

Our database includes influencers from all over the world. Thanks to this, you will reach recipients in the countries you care about the most.

Effects supported by results

The influencers we work with were selected on the basis of high-quality content, communication adaptation to our campaigns and the size of the reach. With us you can count on scalable and transparent influencer marketing.

Stay curious

We dedicate time for researching and experimentation to increase creativity and imagine new challenges.

How it works?

Influencer marketing for advertisers in 4 steps

FAQ - frequently asked questions

Influencer marketing envisages establishing cooperation with a publisher with relatively high recognition, most of all on social media but not only. This type of marketing is characterized by above-average effectiveness if the influencer is properly selected for the promoted product.
The basic difference between an influencer and an affiliate publisher is the form of remuneration. Partners receive a share of the revenue from the sales they helped generate on their site. The influencer receives a fixed fee to promote the brand.
Youtube, Twich, Twitter, Facebook Gaming, Mixer, Instagram
We have access to approximately 1,000 influencers from around the world. We offer full support in developing an effective influencer marketing strategy.
One of the categories of influencers is the range of their activities. We can distinguish: nano influencers (1K–10K followers), micro influencers (10K–100K followers), macro influencers (100K–1M followers), mega influencers (1M+ followers).
An influencer may present content without identifying with it. A creator, on the other hand, is sometimes perceived as an artist or performer.
Influencer has a stable position on the Internet and is an authority for its recipients in the selected field. He also knows how to build his credibility and inspire confidence in his audience.
Total number of recipients, audience activity and engagement, shares, number of newly acquired recipients, newsletter subscriptions, CPM.
Live streams are a popular form of contact between inluencers and recipients.
With each influencer we set the scope of services, the amount of remuneration, content schedule, publication dates, etc. The advertiser also has the right to impose restrictions on the way the product is promoted by the influencer. We, on the other hand, are responsible for constant and flexible contact with influencers.