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General questions:

The first line of contact with us is the e-mail address: [email protected]. Based on the message, you will be assigned a dedicated advisor. You can also contact us via social media, such as Facebook or Linkedin.
If you need reviews of our selected partners, we can offer you their contact details. You can also find them on our Facebook or LinkedIn.
If you forgot your password to our everflow platform or for some reason you cannot log in, please report the problem to your affiliate manager.
An account can be blocked for many reasons. The most common among them is generating bogus traffic for affiliate programs or breaking the terms of participation in the campaign.
Apart from filling in the registration form, you do not have to meet any specific conditions. You only need to be 18 years or older.
The publisher's earning process begins when they join selected affiliate programs. Our intuitive everflow platform, will automatically generate a tracking link for you, through which your recipients will go to the offer you are promoting.
AYes, our team offers support at every stage of cooperation with the publisher. It is worth knowing that in affiliate marketing, the most important thing is thoughtful communication with the group of recipients and the proper adjustment of the affiliate program to their needs.
Yes, you can report such a need via e-mail to arrange an interview.
Aby dołączyć do naszej sieci afiliacyjnej konieczne jest wypełnienie formularza rejestracyjnego, który znajdziesz pod niniejszym linkiem http://bityl.pl/SRB8C.
Comprehensive support for people taking their first steps in affiliate marketing.
There are no profits that could not be multiplied and everyone started at some point.

Affiliate programs:

Postback API is a system whose task is to provide information on the traffic generated by you and the leads obtained. This allows you to effectively optimize your affiliate marketing activities.
Choosing the right affiliate program should depend on your personal preferences and the characteristics of the target group. The success of promoting your offers depends on your degree of naturalness. The language of the game in a given offer, the amount of remuneration and media purchase models should also be taken into account.
Our publishers receive their remuneration after verifying the advertiser of the conversion they generate. The advertiser usually has 30 days to do so from the end of the billing month. It is worth knowing that the minimum withdrawal amount is 100 euros. Smaller amounts are transferred to the next billing month.
Net 30 terms is one of the most popular billing methods in affiliate marketing. It consists in the fact that the publisher receives remuneration after verification of its conversion by the advertiser, who has 30 days to do so from the end of the billing month.
No. Gaming offers can be promoted in various ways. However, it is worth remembering that each of them contains restrictions specified by the advertiser. On our platform, you will find them in the offer description.
The basic criteria for dividing partner programs in the gaming industry include the device to which a given offer is adapted (mobile /desktop), location (GEO's) and the media purchase model (in Adtogame it is usually CPL, CPI or CPA).
Affiliate programs on our platform can be public or private. In the case of private offers, it is necessary to submit an application using the appropriate button, which will be considered by your affiliate manager.
The affiliate manager is responsible for contact with publishers. In this regard, he takes care of the billing process and helps in selecting the best partner programs.
Szczegółowe informacje na temat wynagrodzenia za promocję poszczególnych programów partnerskich znajdziesz w opisie każdej oferty na naszej platformie.
Smartlink może prowadzić do kilku, kilkunastu lub kilkudziesięciu programów partnerskich, których promowanie następuje w ramach jednej kampanii.

Media buying models:

Media buying model whose abbreviation CPA means „cost per action”. The advertiser chooses the specific action that the user must take in order to be paid. It is the most common model for the promotion of mobile applications, including games.
Gaming CPL, or in other words "cost per lead", consists in acquiring a potential user of a mobile application. CPL gaming can be abbreviated as SOI or DOI. The difference between DOI and SOI is that user registration is authenticated via their email address.
Gaming CPI is an advertisement measurement and pricing model, which is exactly the cost incurred by the advertiser for the installation of the application by the user. It is characterized by a low level of advertiser risk.
It all depends on the goals you want to achieve. The right choice of media buying model depends on 3 factors: right media, right time and right audience. The Adtogame team is happy to offer support in this regard.
No, the advertiser fully decides about the form of his gaming offer.
One of the actions that the advertiser may require as part of the gaming CPA is that the user achieves a certain game level or acquires a specific item.
It is assumed that the best media purchase model for an advertiser is gaming CPA. He is sure that he will not allocate his investment budget to an ineffective marketing campaign.
This is usually CPI gaming. However, it is worth remembering that the payout for this type of gaming offer is usually much lower.
CPP and CPS are also common media buying models in the marketing industry.
Media buying is an integral part of paid marketing activities. The goal of the strategy of choosing the right media model is to obtain the best results at the lowest possible cost.

Mini glossary of affiliate terms:

KPIs [Key Performance Indicators] are measures that indicate the degree of achievement of the goals of marketing campaigns. In the gaming industry, they can most often be found in the description of offers decided by the advertiser.
Postback is a system [http post] that automatically provides publishers with information about the conversions or leads they have generated in real time.
API is an application programming interface. In general, its primary function in the gaming industry is to connect applications and transfer data. These data allow for the optimization of technological and marketing activities.
The platform used by Adtogame as a meeting place for publishers and advertisers. It is extremely intuitive, which affects the size of the results and profits of both sides.
It consists of communication channels between partners who promote products and services in return for a certain percentage of this sales.
Tracking link is a normal address URL that tracks who clicked, when and from where.
Smartlink enables the promotion of several, a dozen or even several dozen affiliate programs within one campaign. This is an improved version of the tracking link. It allows you to achieve profits much faster.
The affiliate program consists of a product and rules that define the method of remunerating its participants.
A publisher in the gaming industry deals with the promotion of specific services or products of the advertiser, thus agreeing to the terms and conditions set by the advertiser.
An affiliate marketing site that offers a product to promote for a percentage of its sales.