A guide to publishing at Adtogame.com that will dispel all your doubts

2 years ago

A publisher is a person without whom affiliation would not be possible. The publisher, through their website, blog, social media profile or YouTube, is responsible for promoting the product offered by the advertiser. The level of effectiveness and benefits of its activities depends on many factors. We will tell you about it in this article.

How to start working as a publisher?

The first step of a future publisher is to join the selected affiliate network. It contains a set of affiliate programs that the publisher can join based on their preferences. The following factors may differ from one partner program to another:

* advertiser,
* industry,
* media buying model,
* payout,
* restrictions set by advertisers (e.g. in terms of how the product is promoted or how it is communicated).

The affiliate network can help you choose the best affiliate program. It is extremely important that the selected affiliate program is closely matched to the communication that the publisher conducts with his audience. It may happen, however, that the publisher decides to build his audience from scratch. After joining the affiliate program, the publisher receives a specially generated affiliate link. This is where you can start promoting your product or service.

How to become a publisher in 4 steps:

1. Register with the affiliate network as a publisher by completing the form.

2. Join the selected affiliate program.

3. Start recommending products using the affiliate link you received.

4. Receive a commission on sales from your referrals.

Who can become a publisher?

* Bloggers,
* Youtubers,
* Website owners,
* Influencers,
* Social media users,
* Specialists in a given industry,
* Webmasters and SEO specialists,

How can you promote gaming affiliate programs?

Social media - the benefits of SM include relatively large ranges, but also the possibility of establishing committed relationships. Social media allows you to build trust, emotions, authority and identification. Social media is not only Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn, but also Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest and Twitch. The latter is the most important in gaming.

Emailing lists - you may find it surprising, but email marketing is still highly effective. However, it has its own laws. First, make yourself known, present information about the product, and then send your sales messages. Email marketing also requires a sales funnel.

Streaming - real-time presentation of computer games is one of the most effective and engaging forms of contact with recipients. For this purpose, Youtube and Twitch are most often used. The presentation of games can take the form of a competition or an adventure.

Internet forums - there is a wide range of Internet forums on the Internet in which enthusiasts exchange their observations and tips. They are present mainly on Facebook, Twitter, Twitch and on independent websites.

Affiliate marketing tools - a wide range of tools for publishers is available, which we will discuss in detail later in this article. These tools are designed to increase the publisher's reach and measure campaign performance.

8 principles of well-run affiliate marketing:

Don't focus on sales - at the beginning of the affiliate marketing adventure, everyone is looking for quick profits and results. Remember, however, that both the role of the publisher and advertiser is a long-distance run.

Be natural - all the effects of affiliate marketing are based on credibility. Once lost, trust can never be regained. Make sure that the promoted product remains in line with your communication and image. Show professional knowledge about the product. Don't be insistent.

Don't promote too many campaigns at once - this is harmful for several reasons. First of all, when presenting a product, you must show detailed knowledge about them and authentically present the advantages of having it. It is best to focus on one or two campaigns, at least at the beginning of cooperation with the advertiser.

Plan a strategy - this tip can put new publishers off a bit. There is nothing complicated underneath it! It would be worthwhile to define an action plan in terms of time, as well as channels and forms of communication. Remember that the most important thing is to maintain consistency, authenticity and commitment.

Know your target group - this is an iron and fundamental principle of marketing. Think about what attracted your audience to you. The answer will help you choose the right affiliate program and communication style.

Build high-quality content - the determinant of good content targeted at recipients is, above all, high substantive and informative value.

Use various sources of traffic - multi-channel affiliate marketing allows you to reach various target groups interested in a given type of product.

Don't forget about SEO - it's worth not to underestimate the opportunities that organic lead acquisition brings. This can be done by technically optimizing your sites in terms of search engines and developing an effective keyword strategy. A good-quality website and internet communication will positively influence your image.

Twitch in the computer games industry

Twitch is a relatively young platform created in 2011 by Justin Kan and Emmet Shear. It is intended for the transmission of computer games and electronic games. The most popular games broadcast by Twitch include Fortnite, League of Legends and Call of Duty, among others. It is one of the most used media in affiliate marketing in the world. In August 2021, he was beaten - in Poland, the stream was watched by almost 200,000 people at the same time. The case of Marcin Majkut showed that his presence on Twitch remained effective despite the irregularity of activities.

6 selected tools for affiliate publishers

Affiliate links - a publisher's basic tool that is hard to do without. The links send the publisher's audience back to the advertiser's domain. Thanks to them, it is also possible to measure the effects of the campaign.

Widgets - they navigate the user within the website and increase its functionality. They can be in the form of a contact form, a link to social profiles or graphic information. Their presence also affects the authority and positioning of the website.

Banners - are used in Google Adwords and Adsense campaigns. Their creation, however, requires the experience of the marketer. The banner should be well thought out in terms of the target audience.

Mailing creations - templates are available to create them. Most often they consist of a header, main content and footer. Here, every detail of the content and graphic design counts, which should be closely matched to a specific target group.

Databases - the database can be a mailing list and information obtained from subscribing to the newsletter, sales and contact forms. This is one way to get to know your target audience better and develop an effective campaign strategy.

Product comparison engines - the offer comparison widget is a tool that easily monetises pages with reviews, opinions and product tests. The tool gives you access to all campaigns available in the comparison engine. The publisher receives the same commission for each campaign. An additional benefit for the publisher is that you do not need your own prelander.

Why is it worth becoming a publisher at Adtogame?

You combine business with pleasure - the most effective affiliate marketing comes from a sincere passion. In your everyday functioning on the Internet, virtually nothing will change except your financial receipts to your bank account. If you have a niche that you devote a lot of time to, also in your spare time, you can make money on it, even if you have to start building anew.

You offer recipients a ready-made product - joining the network and the affiliate program means that everything you need to earn can be found in one place. This applies not only to the finished and proven product, but also to tips on how to promote it and achieve better results. You will also be sure of the security of cooperation with the selected advertiser. Adtogame offers tools, mentoring and support throughout the duration of the contract.

You work how you want and as much as you want - the possibility of remote work is slowly becoming a standard worth taking care of in your life. If in virtual reality you feel like a fish in water - take advantage of it! Nobody will hold you accountable for the time spent in your actions.

You can earn even when you are not currently working - how much you earn depends on your reach, but above all on your personal goals. No action is not the same as no income. An affiliate link in a post, website, forum or blog remains active for a long time.

You don't invest anything - joining the affiliate network costs nothing. You also don't have to worry about any hidden costs. This also applies to the educational resources and mentoring it offers. All you have to do is engage in engaged communication with your audience.

Media buying models

There are many models on the basis of which you can get paid. The most popular models used in gaming include CPL, CPA, CPI, CPM. Their correct choice will depend primarily on the characteristics of the recipients with whom you communicate. We will tell more about this in the following articles. Remember, however, that in case of any doubts, you can contact your affiliate manager.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How to choose an affiliate network for a publisher?

* From the publisher's perspective, the most important features of an affiliate network include a wide range of affiliate programs, mentoring in achieving better and better results, and handling contact with advertisers. To do this, it is helpful to read the opinions and reviews of publishers and advertisers belonging to specific networks.

What are the most common mistakes made by a publisher?

* Willingness to promote too many campaigns at the same time and too preferential sales attitude.

What is a great publisher?

* A super publisher is most often referred to as the publisher that generates good results, no matter what offer they promote.

What determines the amount of commission for the publisher?

* The answer to this question is difficult to define unequivocally, because the amount of the publisher's commission is influenced by an unlimited number of factors. Ultimately, it is the advertiser who decides about it, although it is negotiable.

What is Twitch?

* A media platform that enables gaming streaming and electronic sports.

Who is pico-influencer?

* A type of influencer that may have just a few hundred followers or regular audiences. By comparison, a nano-influencer typically has several thousand of them.

Why is it worth keeping a publisher's work journal?

* Keeping a publisher's journal allows you to estimate the results of specific actions. It is also an excellent form of self-motivation.

What is deeplink?

* Link leading not to the home page, but to the selected subdomain, the advertiser's tab.

What is postback?

* Postback is a system that automatically and in real time sends data about all new leads you receive on your account. It allows you to optimize promotional activities.

What is smartlink?

* Smartlink is a combination of dozens of affiliate programs that operate within one campaign. This is an excellent form of accelerating affiliate profits.

Does becoming a publisher require financial investments?

* Absolutely not. It may only require time, which must be put into engaged communication with the audience. However, it all depends on the type of promotion you choose.