A breakthrough tool for any publisher in affiliate marketing

1 year ago

As a dynamically developing affiliate network, we are constantly looking for solutions to facilitate the work not only for ourselves, but most of all for our contractors. As a result of this search, we came across Strackr.com - a tool dedicated to affiliate publishers. Why did Adtogame.com trust Strackr.com? Check below!

All-In-One Tool for Publishers

The use of the latest technologies is the basic factor in maintaining a competitive advantage in many industries. This is perfectly demonstrated by the example of using Strackr.com in affiliate marketing. The idea of the platform design was created on the basis of careful observation of the industry and its entities. The obtained conclusions helped to identify the more or less obvious needs and problems of the publishers. As a team of specialists with many years of experience in the gaming and affiliate industry, we can say that Strackr.com fully satisfies them.

How does Strackr.com make the work of affiliate publishers easier?

The intuitive platform offers its users multi-functionality. This, in turn, is associated with the possibility of carrying out all the tasks in one place. After implementing Strackr.com into their business strategy, Adtogame.com publishers confirm:

- saving time and money,
- improvement of the publishers' work system,
- increased smoothness of contact with contractors,
- collection, analysis and interpretation of data.

It is worth noting that the accuracy of the collected data is the starting point for continuous optimization of the publisher's activities. This, in turn, directly translates into an increase in its revenues.

Advantages of Strackr.com:

Data and information gathered in one place - Strackr.com enables integration with many programs and affiliate networks at the same time. As a result, logging in in several places at the same time is no longer necessary. What's more, the data collected from all affiliate programs, shown on one dashboard, will allow you to quickly analyze and interpret data, but also to discover new cause-and-effect relationships.

Flexibility of introducing changes - you will be able to update data related to API changes and downtime even several times a day without any side effects.

Tools for data analysis and interpretation - continuous and direct access to transaction reports, operating system, number and type of clicks on the referring page, landing page and time from click to order confirmation will allow you to better understand your recipient and their needs. This is the foundation of an effective affiliate marketing strategy.

Data storage security - Online security is more important than ever today. Strackr.com took care of this by introducing encrypted and hashed connections.

What does Affio.io have to do with the work of a publisher?

affi.io - an irreplaceable source of information about affiliate networks - is a perfect complement to the inventory of the future publisher. On this website you will find not only information about the characteristics of the network in question, but also a collection of all their affiliate programs.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is Strackr.com dedicated to?

Strackr.com is dedicated to all publishers who cooperate with many affiliate networks and dream of multiplying their profits. Using innovative solutions is also for those who wish to remain flexible to market volatility.

2. What distinguishes Strackr.com on the market?

At the Strackr.com platform, we were captivated by its universality. It is a tool that both helps to take the first steps on the path of affiliate marketing and satisfies veterans of the industry.

3. Is it possible to test the application?

Of course. You can test the application for free for 30 days.